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  • Mike

    Value, Honesty, and Peace of mind that's why I shop for my car with Whipnik.

    Mike Zuchelli
  • Denise

    They got me a great deal, dropped off my new car and returned my old lease to the dealer – AMAZING!

    Denise Chan
  • Derek

    I can certainly say I'm never going to go through the stress of negotiating with car dealers ever again.

    Derek Bevin
  • Ilan

    They asked me a few simple questions and next thing I knew, my car was at my front door.

    Ilan Wang
  • Chris

    Whipnik does it all, they negotiate your lease, prepare your paperwork and even deliver your car right to your door..

    Chris Andreone
  • Barbara

    From their customer service to impeccable value I would never lease a car from anywhere else.

    Barbara Kartalis

Chris Piazza


As with anyone who has leased a car, Chris has had many horrible experiences in the showroom. After one particularly horrible experience, he started to wonder why leasing a car was so difficult. It was with this in mind that he co-founded Whipnik.

Previous to Whipnik, Chris co-founded WeHostels, which was eventually acquired. In a former life, he also worked in finance.


Juanda Zapata


Juanda is in charge of the technology behind Whipnik. After living in New York for a while, he noticed too that getting a car in USA can be a real hassle, solving that problem was the motivation to co-found Whipnik.

Previous to Whipnik, Juanda also co-founded WeHostels, which was eventually acquired.

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